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Audio Production

Let's make a record...

Sweeten some audio for a video production

Create a custom soundscape, record a song or jingle

Audio Production and Engineering


Here's a little non-secret.

Perhaps not everyone can fully understand and appreciate when things are sounding good. But EVERYONE knows (and notes) when things do not sound good.

It's our job to keep things sounding pleasant to the ear.

Some of the Audio Services we Offer

Record Production
Audio For Video Production
Jingles for Radio and T.V.
Music Demo Recording

We engineer and produce audio recordings.

Talk to us about your audio recording needs.

What we doand how

Track Record Gold Record Awards"I spent 20 years on staff at a major Los Angeles recording studio. Starting out, the industry was still at the height of the analog era. Some of the golden years of music recording. Then came the advent of digital technology, which ended up putting a great sounding recording studio into the laptops of the masses. I feel lucky to have experienced both eras and technologies. I draw from both as I work, now."

"Today, I do most of my audio work in Pro Tools on my computer. There are also times when I book into a larger studio to record or mix a particular project...
I do enjoy it all."

Al at Track